We make the right move

Decades of innovation, quality, and putting our customers first.

Our formation.

Now with over 30 company-owned stores, 80 store-in-store locations, and a dealer network of over 150 stores, we have established a strong presence in the Philippines. In addition, our digital footprint is significant through partnerships with the country's leading online platforms.

Hassaram Concepts, a division of Roshan Commercial Corporation, started out as a distribution company in the Philippine optical market, focusing mainly on foreign brands. As we identified new opportunities, we focused on building our own brands targeting the outdoor, motorcycle, and bicycle industries.

Our Culture.

Our team has more than two decades of combined experience and is dedicated to creating innovative and customer-centric products.

Hassaram Concepts continues to grow based on its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Our Portfolio of Brands.

Unleash the adventurer within, as you explore a dynamic collection of moto, outdoor, and accessory brands, meticulously curated for the relentless and the stylish. Our unwavering commitment to quality, paired with an eye for value, ensures that you are equipped with gear that’s both formidable and refined. Ignite your passions and chart your own course with confidence, knowing that excellence is always within reach.

Moto Performance Brands

Harness speed and style with gear built for the adrenaline-driven road warrior.

Cycling Brands

Elevate your ride with gear that blends trail-tested durability and performance.


Stride with confidence in footwear that fuses comfort, durability, and style. Experience sharp style and clarity with eyewear that frames your world perfectly.


Stride with confidence in footwear that fuses comfort, durability, and style.

Retailers We Work With.