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Spyder is a homegrown brand with a uniquely Asian fit, with over 20 years in the outdoor and lifestyle industry. Featuring motorcycle and cycling helmets as well as performance eyewear, Spyder products are designed with technical features that enhance performance, provide protection and are in line with the current trends at an affordable price point.  

Scoyco is globally known for manufacturing protective gear with maximum comfort and security since 1998, having carved a niche for their products within the industry. Scoyco motorcycle jackets and protective gear are designed with a variety of features such as reflectorized panels for better visibility, protectors and padding at strategic areas and are made from lightweight, breathable and waterproof materials for prolonged comfort on the ride. Scoyco continues to reinvent themselves and the products carried to be at the fore front of innovation and technology.

Masontex riding gloves are made for the rider who is looking for the perfect combination of safety and comfort. Made with quality materials and specifically engineered to a particular style or riding application, Masontex motorcycle and cycling gloves have taken into account protective design as well as a host  of innovative materials and construction for any weather.

A Spanish brand, redefines motorbike apparel with a blend of style and innovation. Crafted by riders, our clothing combats the elements while ensuring a memorable journey. We believe in breaking the mold; utilizing cutting-edge materials such as Kevlar, Teflon, and carbon in unprecedented ways. With a dedicated team of experts and designers, 70 Degrees combines functionality and aesthetics to offer attire that is not just clothing, but an extension of the audacious spirit of bikers. Embrace the open road with 70 Degrees - where style meets resilience.

MT Helmets has had over 50 years of spreading its mark and protecting its customers in over 100 countries across 5 continents.  MT Helmets are reknowned for use in MotoGP races and have been consistently ranked as one of the top 8 safest helmets in the world. It offers the best value proposition in the market with the safety that it affords, up-to-date and well-designed aesthetic as well as competitive pricing.

Nomad is a line of vintage-inspired, classic colored motorcycle helmets that use the highest quality materials, right down to the stitching of the padding, to create a new era of helmets with a modern twist to it. The helmets are based on iconic retro designs and have a clean, streamlined look to it with features such as a lightweight ABS shell, built-in speaker pockets and a high  attention to detail.

Built for speed and elevated performance, Spy Moto Helmets are precision engineered to achieve unparalleled dominance on the road. Only premium grade raw materials are used in the manufacturing of each helmet, ensuring consistent quality and reliability as well as maximum safety and superior comfort above all.

Neo helmets embody a cutting-edge concept that embraces the spirited energy of a new generation of riders. Designed to resonate with the vibrant, urban, and fashion-forward crowd, Neo is the perfect fusion of function and style, ensuring that everyone can discover something that appeals to and suits their preferences

Kali Protectives started in a test lab in the USA over a decade ago with the aim to further evolve the traditional helmet construction and has now become a benchmark in helmet engineering. Kali helmets contain safety features such as Composite Fusion, Low Density Layer and Nano Fusion. Each product in the range is a combination of aesthetically designed, comfortable helmets with the most advanced safety technology available.

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